St. Ann’s
Catholic Church

St.Ann's (Small)
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PO Box 54
301 William Street
Effingham, Ks 66023

Phone: (913) 833-5660
(913) 833-2268


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    Welcome to the Directory of St. Ann’s Parish in Effingham, Kansas. We hope that by your entering into these pages you will have a glimpse into the spirit of this community and experience some of what draws us together to worship God and to commit ourselves as individuals and families to support one another in Faith.

St. Ann’s is a small church as parishes go at the present time, yet it remains rooted in the attitudes of the pioneers who settled northeast Kansas. Thus St. Ann’s will continue to be an example of how Community is formed for larger churches of more recent origin.

Every good parish is a sign of the Holy Spirit working in our world. We know that this community would not have succeeded except for the Spirit’s presence, and we pray that those who peruse these pages will know the drawing power of Divine Love and seek its comfort in our Midst.

We pray that the good will, which initiated this community’s formation in the 1860’s and 70’s will keep us united in Faith long into the future for the spiritual benefit of all.

Fr. Benjamin Tremmel


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